Multifunctional clothing: The cozy

Cardigan Cozy

It’s a cardigan.  It’s a jacket.  It’s a cowl neck sweater.  It’s off the shoulder.  It’s even a scarf.  More than ten sweaters that take up the space of only one — interested?

As minimalists, we strive to detach from the need to obtain physical items to make us happy.  Giving up fashion trends is one way we can clear out our mental clutter.  If your closet is full of stylish cuts in neutral tones and/or colors that work for you, why stress over what’s in this season?   Relax in the knowledge that being comfortable and looking good is always in style, even if you don’t rush to the stores with the changing of seasons.

However, one article of clothing that appeals to me as a minimalist

Off-the-shoulder Cozy

is this sweater.  It is the Swiss Army Knife of outerwear.

If you have six minutes of your life to spare, I invite you to watch this video that shows the multitude of ways in which the DKNY Cozy can be worn.

As fall approaches, I am getting excited about wearing sweaters.  This Cozy has me daydreaming about how I could replace two or three items from my closet with just one, and that definitely appeals to me.  In my wardrobe now are two sweaters, two cardigan-style long sleeved tops to go over layers, and one black shawl.  I could easily replace one of those items (possibly more than one) with a Cozy.

Jacket Cozy — One of my favorites.

I ordered a less expensive version from Amazon, and I like it.  I’m not exactly the size of this model so I can’t do a lot of the wraparound styles, but I have so far been successful with the cardigan, cowl neck, and a front-tie.  I will get some photos up soon — I was unable to get some in time for this post!

Does anyone have a DKNY Cozy? What do you like about it?  Is it worth the investment? 

Photos from the DKNY Cozy App for iPhone.

6 thoughts on “Multifunctional clothing: The cozy

  1. Brilliant!! Any chance you could share a link to the one you found on Amazon? Thanks for all the great posts by the way, tons of inspiration although I have yet to fully act on them 🙂

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