I don’t have a TV

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Six years ago, I was moving into Austin Hall at Wilmington College.  Students on the volunteer Move-In Crew carried my boxes and totes up the stairs to the second floor (hooray for not being on the fourth!) and then my mom and I went down the road to Wal-Mart to buy more stuff.  Desk organizers, a box fan, notebooks, all those necessary college things.

One thing I didn’t have was a TV –  and I didn’t really miss it.  I didn’t have a TV the entire time I was in college.  People noticed, and they thought it was weird, but I had other things to do.  I was in a million clubs and had a full course load of classes.  If I really wanted to watch TV, I could use a friend’s or go to the lobby.  Plus, I had precious little space and money and didn’t need to spend it on a television.  I watched DVDs on my laptop if I wanted to watch something.

TV, pro: Relaxation. TV, con: Distracts from priorities.

Fast forward to 2009, when I got an apartment with my fiance and got married a month later.  We got a TV as a wedding gift from his parents.  And our lives revolved around it.  It seemed that all we ever did was eat and watch television.  When I left, I left the TV too.

TV, pro: Able to watch my favorite shows. TV, con: The nucleus of our life together. Very depressing.

I moved in with my mom, and my stepdad decided that he wanted Satellite TV.  With a DVR.  I was able to record Doctor Who whenever I wanted, and then watch it later.  I even turned my mom into a Whovian.  Success.  However, at my parents’ house, you have to practically scream over the TV, because my stepdad loves it and leaves it on all the time, and he’s hard of hearing so the volume is always up really loud.  It’s even on at dinner.  I don’t understand.

TV, pro: DVR.  TV, con: HUH?! WHAT?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

I do not hate TV; there are several shows I love and watch whenever I can.  But I do not need a TV.  I can watch those shows on my laptop with ease and I don’t need to spend money on a large, fragile appliance that I will have to move next time I relocate.  I don’t need to spend money on cable.  I don’t need to be limited to one room for entertainment.  I can take my laptop anywhere and watch shows on Netflix or Hulu.

My partner has his own TV needs so I’m sure we’ll have to come to a compromise later in life when we’re combining stuff.  He does have a nice TV though.
What do you think about the great fixture of society that is the television? Yay or nay?

14 thoughts on “I don’t have a TV

  1. Hmm…tricky. I think a little TV is fine, but most people can’t handle just a little. I haven’t had cable since 2009 and I’ve noticed a big change in my quality of life. I used to be addicted. HOWEVER, I have recently moved in with my sister. She has the TV on almost all the time. I don’t like the background noise of it anymore. But I have been watching HGTV and a few comedies. I’m trying to stay away since I don’t want to get addicted again!

  2. I have a small tv along with a small DVD player. I don’t think I have used either in close to three months. But I know I randomly get the urge to watch movies, and my laptop’s DVD-rom drive is having sound issues. As for television shows, I can watch them online if the urge grabs me. I don’t miss actual television in terms of the channels offered. So many options but still nothing to watch. (Kinda like a bulging closet and nothing to wear?)

    My daughter has her own small tv and DVD player. She has a season or two of a few of her favorite shows (the original Scooby-Doo, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dr. Who, Inuyasha, Pretear) on DVD. She also has favorite movies on DVD (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro). She gave up satellite in her room a couple of years ago by choice. Now she either watches her DVDs or watches things on Youtube or Hulu. (She’s 13…almost 14, just to put it in perspective).

    So having a tv is fine with me but it isn’t a necessity. I also don’t want or need the channels offered by cable or satellite providers. There are other things I prefer doing over watching television.

    1. I imagine I will have a tv again if/when my partner and I live together but I will try and cut back considerably. I just hate it when it’s a fixture in my life!

      Good for your daughter cutting back, that’s great to not have your kid glued to the tv!

  3. Ever since I moved out from home four years ago I have lived without a tv on my own (before that my sis and I could use the small spare one when my parents occupied the big one), but I stopped watching much tv long before that. Because I was addicted to some series, even though I never was allowed to watch many hours per day. I rarely miss it, because I prefer interacting with people on the internet, or just reading blogs – and there are lots of tv-shows or great documentaries on the internet too, for free, most of them legally in mediatheks. And as I spend quite some time at my laptop for university, I try to cut back the hours spent in front of a monitor in my free time. A tv is nothing I would invest my little money in. I own a handful of secondhand dvds, and have a card for the local movie rental (and a fiancé who treats me with an outing to the movie once in a while), all in all this is much cheaper than getting access to tv, especially since I am already paying for my internet connection, so I try to make the best use of this investment instead.

    1. I’m with you! I do need to cut back on my time in front of any screen… I actually spent last night at home without my computer on at all, which is quite against my norm. But it was really good. I felt like the night lasted longer than usual. Perhaps you’re onto something 🙂

  4. We have satellite TV- but my boyfriend pays for this, as he wants it! I wouldn’t bother if it was my choice- I do enjoy having a variety of channels, and HD, and most of all being able to record/ series link programmes I like…but it is a lot of money.

    Also, I feel that I get tempted to spend too much time watching TV, and, worse, looking for something to watch that I am not really that interested in!

    I would probably be quite happy with the normal Freeview channels (I do like the BBC news channel) or being able to catch up with stuff online.

    I think my aim is to be selective and not have the TV on as a default.

      1. Hmm…given that this evening I watched a random episode of a detective drama just because it was on, I think I might ban myself from watching anything on the actual TV- selected shows on Internet players are allowed. Might try this for the rest of the week and see how I get on…might actually read more…,

  5. I didn’t have a tv for years; now that I live with my boyfriend I do again. I honestly like it, but I hate how much time it can take up if you aren’t careful. Especially when you both come home tired from work!

    1. That’s where the trap is!! My boyfriend and I fall victim to its siren song while we eat dinner a lot when we’re over at his place. It’s always Doctor Who or a variant thereof, though, so I can’t feel too bad about it. Or we’ll watch movies, which for some reason are “better” in my mind.

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