What I am looking for

I came across a quote from Helen Keller that really resonated with my new minimalist philosophy:

What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.

This quote is a wonderful reminder of why I need to continue shedding the physical “stuff” around me and where my focus should really be.  All I need to be happy is contained within myself.

I am coming to realize that I don’t need anything but me.  I enjoy having things, certainly — paint, computer, music, good food — but if my house burnt down and I lost everything, I could get new paint, a new computer, etc. and pick up where I left off, because it — that proverbial it we’re all searching for — has been right here the whole time.

We are not what we own.  We can’t be.  Then who are we when what we own is gone?

Minimalism allows me to be me, because I no longer have anything to hide behind.

14 thoughts on “What I am looking for

    1. Glad you like it! I’m going to try and do more quotes and reflective posts. Let me know if you have any favorite minimalist quotes 🙂

  1. That so sums us how I feel too. The funny thing is there are so many people quoting lines like that . . . who are selling the ‘answer’ as well

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I try very hard to let the people in my life know that these are *my* answers, and that I’m not trying to convert them to minimalism, or vegetarianism, or any other ism in my life. I know too many preachy people and I do my best to avoid preaching people my beliefs, be they food related, stuff related, or otherwise. (I will continue to preach for the Oxford Comma, however).

  2. sometimes i wish my place would burn down it would be way easier than trying to get rid of stuff. but then my dog might be inside and i NEED her…

    1. I think we all get those “burn it to the ground” moments when we’re overwhelmed. Just don’t actually do it 😉 especially not with the dog inside!

  3. “Then who are we when what we own is gone?” The flip side of this for me is that when someone we love is gone, there is no need to hold onto all their things because they were not their things. When I’m gone, I don’t want my kids to have a ton of stuff to go through and deal with. And so the clutter war continues…

    1. That’s one of my motivators too, Kathy. I don’t want to leave behind a ton of stuff that other people have to deal with. Keep fighting the good fight against the clutter!

  4. This quote was motivating for me. I often struggle with being the “me” I am when all the titles and “stuff” I carry around is stripped away.

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