My new fantasy self

Miss Minimalist, my inspiration for this blog, has an excellent post on decluttering one’s fantasy self.

I’ve come to understand that the craft supplies and baking pans are part of my old fantasy self.  The one that’s getting decluttered.  I don’t really want to spend all day in the kitchen making cupcakes.  I admire and appreciate people who do (and their cupcakes, yum!) but that’s not me.  I’m not a baker.

I admit that I’m not a master seamstress, and I tossed the shirts that had been destined for a memory quilt for six years, giving up the fantasy that I would get to it someday.

All these things I’m letting go of in order to focus on other things, and now my fantasy self has swung the completely opposite direction.

I want less and less and less.

I want my entire bathroom to fit into a gallon zip-baggie.  I want my closet to fit into a backpack.  I want my kitchen to fit into a box. I want everything I own to fit into my car.

I want to declutter to my fantasy self.

I want to let go of the just-in-cases.  I want to toss the curlers and the flat-iron and just love my hair however it decides to act that day.  I want to pick a base color for my wardrobe (I love blacks and greys, but I am having a love affair with a brown button-down).  I want to break up sets and only keep the pieces I use.  I want to let go of gifts people have given me.  I want to stop buying things in bulk to save a buck, because I would honestly rather have just enough and not have to store the rest in my space.

This new desire to shed and shed and shed scares me a little but it exhilarates me.  I don’t have to be surrounded by stuff to be happy.  In fact, I am finding more and more pleasure in empty spaces every day.  I can breathe easier.  I feel happier.

10 thoughts on “My new fantasy self

  1. Exactly how I feel! It’s always been how I’ve felt but never knew what it was called or how to get there. I have always admired people who could put everything they own in a car and take off. I especially thought it was cool if you could move and with in a day or two had everything put away. My last move was a nightmare and I never want to repeat. It was my inspiration to begin minimizing. I’m happy with my progress. Now if I can convince everyone else that I live with to do the same it would be AWESOME! Keep up the good work girl!

  2. Caitlin, love the post on fantasy self I think a lot of people have fallen into this situation over the years. When I’m on my death bed I want to be able to say to myself wow you really enjoyed life and lived it to the full doing what you enjoyed and what made you happy not some made up fantasy that suck the life out of me!

  3. I like your new fantasy self! I wanna be just like it. Except I don’t think I’ll ever own a car again 😉

    1. Nice! I don’t think I can get to a no-car place… I rely too much on it to think about that right now!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 Hope to see you around!

    1. I hope I don’t swing back and start getting more stuff! I think I am finding the happy medium between hoarder and “all my stuff fits in this box” 🙂 Good luck!

      1. I’m thoroughly loving the smaller wardrobe, I think my downfall will be stuff like cards and papers I think I might need someday.

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