No chihuahuas in my purse


Big bags are a thing now.  Bags big enough for books and puppies and three spare changes of clothes and, if you’re like me, a ledger’s worth of receipts for everything from stamps to dinner to oil changes three months ago.

Before my minimalist reboot, I was using a Timbuk2 messenger bag as a purse.  I absolutely adore the bag.  It is a fantastic bag.  So many pockets, and I could carry practically anything.  Padded shoulder strap, Grid-it organizer, so much storage… a wonderful bag.  However, I have decided to experiment and try a tiny bag as a purse instead.  The more room I have in my purse, the more room I have available to accumulate Stuff.  (I had a rubber door stop in there when I cleaned it out for this experiment…).

During the packing of my room at my mother’s house, I found a little zipper bag and thought “Oh, I can do something with this.”  Normally that line of thinking is my downfall and leads to more and more Stuff (I can make a pillow from this shirt, I can make a lampshade from that skirt, I can make a quilt out of these fifty tee shirts I’ve had since high school).  But not this time!  This time, my accumulation of a Thing was for minimalism.  I wondered if I could do it.

I opened my (very large, very full of cards) wallet and took out the necessary items: debit card, driver’s license, grocery store loyalty card, cash, etc. and I put them together with a kitchen clip.  Into the tiny bag they went.  Also into the tiny bag went a pen and a tampon.  You never know when someone will need to borrow one.  I know that’s not minimalist thinking, but seriously those are handy.

I took a look at my keychain next and decided I did not need all seven of those keys at the ready at any given moment.  Two keys — one to my partner’s house, and one to my mother’s, were clipped onto a key clip inside the bag, so I had them if I needed them but they weren’t cluttering my main keychain.  My keychain now features my three apartment keys (two doors, one mailbox), my car key, and my key for the office at work.  I rarely need that one, it can probably go onto the ring inside the bag as well.  My keys were previously kept on a long lanyard, which I have now repurposed as the purse’s strap, and I’m using a keyring my partner gave me as my main key-collecting device.  So far, so good.  I’m excited to see if I accumulate less Stuff in a smaller purse.

Also, the Timbuk2 messenger bag will continue to be used, as an overnight packing bag or camera bag, or both.  Just maybe not as my daily carry-all.

4 thoughts on “No chihuahuas in my purse

  1. Am loving reading you posts! Check with the stores that you carry loyalty cards for – most are tied to your phone number and you can just recite it to them, then ditch the cards! I am working on getting my purse down to the bare essentials and discovered both stores I mainly grocery shop at will let me use my phone number rather than their card’s number. Yay!!

    1. Excellent tip, thank you! I will try that with my loyalty cards! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts — it’s a lot of fun to write them and I’m happy so many people have given me a visit today 🙂 Thank you!

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