Hi, my name is Caitlin, and I have an iPhone.  There are so many apps for that.  My phone gives me a daily barrage of information about people that I really don’t need to know.   I wake up in the night and check my phone.  This has to stop.

I am constantly connected.  Facebook is my biggest vice.  I upload photos, share a dozen statuses a day, comment and like people’s posts, share funny photos, and exchange messages with people.

Facebook began as a way to keep in touch, not a means of being constantly connected.  I would like to get back to Facebook basics.  I won’t delete it, because it is my sole means of communication with several people, and I do use it to keep in touch with people from my past and present, but I need to cut back.  Seriously.

Today, I went to all of my “Close Friends” pages, and switched off the “Close Friends” feature that sends their every status update, link share, and photo upload to my notifications and my handy dandy iPhone.  Now I will only get an update when someone actually interacts with me.

Along with Facebook are Twitter and Foursquare.  I downloaded Foursquare to save $10 on my vet bill last time I took my cat in for an exam.  Seemed pretty awesome, free $10!  Then I started adding my friends, and now my phone lights up all day with updates about where these people are.  I don’t need to know that information.  I deleted the app.  I do not care if my childhood friend is at his apartment, at the grocery store, at his apartment, at his grandpa’s house, at his apartment, at the convenience mart, at his apartment at any and every possible moment of the day.

Twitter is a source of entertainment that may soon go away for me as well, but I’ll keep it for now.  It keeps me in the loop of my best friend and sister when I’m not talking to them regularly, and that’s nice.  But do I really need it? No, I don’t.  But I’ll save it for another day.

Back to Facebook! I challenge myself to only post one status update per day, for a week. I will see how that goes.  People might think I died.

4 thoughts on “Un-plug

  1. Yeah… ditto here, purging the shiny apps was a hard hard hard thing to do for me as well! And Facebook… good tip on the “close friends” list – I’m on it!

    1. Glad I was able to help! That and “unliking” a lot of pages that were just taking up my news feed have helped me get back to basics and use Facebook to connect with people again!

  2. I started decluttering my stuff earlier this year, so far I reckon I’ve got rid of 50% of my possessions and still finding stuff that can go, so liberating! One of the things I got rid of was Facebook, seemed like a big deal to delete my account at the time but I’ve not missed it at all. I still keep in touch with the people who matter to me and I communicate better with friends instead of just following their status updates :o) Just found your blog via Miss Minimalist, looking forward to reading about your journey, best of luck to you from rainy England! x

    1. Ohh I would love to visit rainy England! 🙂 I have thought a lot about deleting my Facebook account but I haven’t been able to do it yet. I’m addicted D:

      Thank you for stopping by! I hope you keep reading 🙂

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