The bookshelf challenge

I find that setting a goal before I even delve into the project is the best thing for me to do.

I knew that I had four (and a few extra here and there) boxes of books in the basement.  I have always been a bookworm, but several things led to my willingness to purge books:

1. I got a Kindle for Christmas.  Having books in a digital format means I can carry a whole library with me without the physical burden of carrying books to a second-floor walk-up and taking up valuable space in my 500-square foot flat.

2. There exists a rather magical place called a library, where I can get my fix for the feel and smell of paper books, and then just return it when I’m done.

3. I haven’t even read half of the books I own.  I bought many of them because Border’s went out of business and things were on sale and I just couldn’t stop. This ends now.

So I opened up all my boxes, removed all of my books, and loosely organized them in giant piles on the coffee table.  Then I cleared off a small two-shelf bookcase and deemed that my goal.  I would only move as many books as I could fit onto that one bookshelf.  And that’s what I did.  My Harry Potter series and Dark Tower saga took up one of the shelves completely, leaving me with one shelf for the rest, including cookbooks.  I managed! I went from 116 books to 34.

I let my mom and sister go through the books I was getting rid of and select anything they fancied to keep for themselves.  My best friend will get to go through next, as she shares my love for books and all of hers were destroyed due to damage to the porch where she was storing them.  I’m happy to let them go to a good home!

2 thoughts on “The bookshelf challenge

  1. Nice work! I’ve found as I hit my late teens a couple of years ago, that I am a bit of a natural minimalist. However, books are my softspot. My rule of thumb for buying books is that I have to check out the book three or four times, read and love it before I buy it. My only exceptions are if I am love with the series and it is still releasing new material.

    1. That’s a pretty good rule! I used to be very attached to my books but have been able to let them go lately. I still have some that I have been keeping for years and haven’t read though, so those are on the chopping block again! I really like your plan to check out the book first and make sure you love it.

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